Bensulfuron-methyl herbicide 60 wp 30 wp

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Bensulfuron-methyl herbicide 60 wp 30 wp

Bensulfuron-methyl 30%WP

Bensulfuron-methyl  60%WP

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Bensulfuron-methyl herbicide features

Bensulfuron-methyl is a selective systemic and conductive herbicide. The medicament diffuses rapidly in the water, and is absorbed by the roots and leaves of weeds and then transferred to other parts, hindering the biosynthesis of branched chain amino acids. The growth function of sensitive weeds is hindered, young tissues turn yellow prematurely, and inhibited the growth of leaves and roots .


Bensulfuron-methyl is suitable for the prevention and control of one-year-old and perennial broad-leaved weeds and sedges in rice fields. It is applied after crops, before and after the emergence of weeds, and against ducklings, prickly pear, jellyfish, etc. and sedge weeds ( Cow hair grass, alien sedge, water sedge, etc.) have good effects.

Product Name Bensulfuron-methyl
CAS No. 83055-99-6
Tech Grade 97%TC 98%TC
Formulation 30% 60%WP
Shelf Life Two years
Delivery about 30-40 days after confirming the order
Payment T/T L/C Western Union
Action contact and stomach

Our Pesticide Formulation
ENGE has many sets of advanced production line ,could supply all kinds of pesticide formulation and compound formulation such as Liquid formulation: EC SL SC FS and Solid
Formulation such as WDG SG DF SP and so on.

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Bensulfuron-methyl 60WPBensulfuron-methyl 30WP

Our Pesticide Formulation

Various Package
Liquid:  5L,10L,20L HDPE, COEX drum, 200L plastic or iron drum,
50mL 100mL 250mL 500mL 1L HDPE, COEX bottle,bottle Shrink film, measuring cap;
Solid:   5g 10g 20g 50g 100g 200g 500g 1kg/Aluminum foil bag,colour printed
25kg/drum/craft paper bag ,20kg/drum/craft paper bag




Q1:  How does your factory carry out quality control?
A1:Quality priority. Our factory has passed the authentication of ISO9001:2000.We have First-class quality products and SGS inspection. You can send samples for testing, and we welcome you to check the inspection before shipment.

Q2: Can I get some samples?
A2: 100g or 100ml free samples is available,but freight charges will be at your account and the charges will be returned to you or deduct from your order in the futur

Q3: Minimum Order Quantity?
A3: We recommend our customers to order 1000L or 1000KG minimum of fomulations,25KG for technical materials.

Q4: Delivery Time.
A4: We supply goods according to the date of delivery on time,7-10 days for samples; 30-40 days for batch goods after confirming package.

Q5: How should I import pesticides from you ?
A5:For all over the world, apply for registration policy for import the pesticides from foreign countries,, you should register the product what you want in your country. 

Q6:Does your company participate in the exhibition?
A6:We attend in exhibitions every year including domestic pesticide exhibition sucha as CAC  and international agrochemical exhibition.

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