Fipronil 0.05%Gel insecticide in public health control

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Fipronil 0.05%Gel insecticide in public health control

Fipronil 0.05%gel

Fipronil 80%WDG

Fipronil 2.5%EC 5%EC

Fipronil 5%SC 10%SC 25%SC


Product Detail

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1.Cockroach gel has very strong preventive and kill effect on Cockroach, special for hotels, homes, schools, supermarkets, hospitals, offices and other cockroaches appeared place.
2.Odorless, non-polluting, non-corrosive, environmental protection
3.After application, long drug effect, effect last for half year
4.Multiple infection,chain kill Cockroach,the whole nest are killed.

Product Name Fipronil gel
CAS No. 120068-37-3
Tech Grade 95%TC
Formulation 5%9%10%25%SC,0.05%Gel (packing:5g,10g,20g,30g),0.5
Shelf Life 2 years
Delivery about 30-40 days after confirming the order
Payment T/T L/C Western Union
Action stomach and attracting effect


 Environment Insects Dosage Application method
 Corner  slit Cockroach  0.3-0.5g/m2 Inject dot Busch

Product Description

Fipronil GelFipronil Gel
Fipronil GelFipronil Gel

Package and Specification
Packed in 5g,10g,20g,30g ,35g

packing specification MOQ Carton  size
5g/tube 5g*200box 1000tubes 35.5*32.5*22
10g/tube 10G*100box 1000tubes 42*19*26cm
20g/tube 20g*50boxBox size  23*4*3cm 1000tubes 24.5*22.5*32cm
30g/tube 30g*50box 1000tubes 32.5*25*42cm

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Q1: What is the standard of your company’s suppliers?
A1:Enge Biotech products all from credible, certified suppliers,they control products quality strictly,
meeting FAO standards, and also try the best to meet customer’s special quality requirements.

Q2:What are the specific classifications of your products?
A2:Technical materials and Formulations,Liquid formulations including SC, SL, FS, EC, EW, CS, OF, ULV, and solid formulations including WDG, WSG, WP, TB, DP, and GR are available from our factory
Q3: Minimum Order Quantity?
A3: We recommend our customers to order 3000KG minimum of rodenticide.

Q4: Can you painting our logo?
A4: Yes, we could print customer logo to all the parts of packages.

Q5: How should I import pesticides from you ?
A5:For all over the world, apply for registration policy for import the pesticides from foreign countries,, you should register the product what you want in your country.

Q6: How to get the prices?
A6: Please email us at ( ) or call us at ( 86-311-83079307 ).

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